Social Worker

Eastport Memorial Nursing Home   Eastport, ME   Full-time     Social Service
Posted on September 7, 2022

$3,500 Sign-on Bonus for Conditional License; $5,000 Sign-on Bonus for LSW

In search of LSW 32 - 40 hours per week; must hold a ME Social Worker license, or able to obtain a ME Conditional Social Worker license.

Work with residents in the nursing home by identifying their psychosocial, mental and emotional needs along with providing, developing, and/or aiding in the access of services to meet those needs. Responsible for fostering a climate, policies and routines that enable residents to maximize their individuality, independence and dignity. Provide residents with the highest practical level of physical, mental and psychosocial well-being and quality of life.

Must be able to work independently; have strong interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills; promote feelings of trust and security by establishing strong, caring relationships; and display tact, discretion, and sound judgment.


  1. Gather all pertinent pre-admission data to determine resident level of care and the ability of the facility to properly care for the resident.
  2. Interview potential resident and resident representative to collect accurate data.
  3. Maintain up-to-date resident waiting list for admissions in a bound book or computer.
  4. Complete pre-admission and admission inquiry forms accurately.
  5. Collect accurate data for all payer sources.
  6. Assign appropriate room to resident in consultation with the nursing department and administration.
  7. Greet and escort the new resident and resident representative to assigned bedroom.
  8. Follow admission, transfer, and discharge policies and procedures.
  9. Explain the facility admission agreement and all attachments to potential and new residents/resident representative such as Resident’s rights, the Resident Council, its purpose and meeting times, the use of the community services and the role of the interdisciplinary team.
  10. Obtain required signatures on all admission forms.
  11. Ensures that the resident and family/responsible party are kept fully informed of the residents’ personal and property rights. Encourages and assists the resident to exercise these rights.
  12. Act as a liaison between transferring institutions and the facility. Establish a good rapport with transferring institutions.
  13. Review assessment schedules for accuracy.
  14. Develop, coordinate, and participate in family and resident activities designed to promote social interaction, reality orientation, and intellectual stimulation.
  15. Assure residents who display psychosocial adjustment difficulty receive appropriate treatment and services to achieve as much remotivation and reorientation as possible.
  16. Make subsequent timely visits to identify medically relates social and emotional needs and to provide ongoing services, as needed.
  17. Develop one-to-one professional relationships with residents and families as needed for support.
  18. Advocate for the rights of the residents and the residents’ representatives.
  19. Educate residents and families in dealing with feelings about death or dying as well as other emotional, mental, environmental, or physical limitations.
  20. Document the social service component of the comprehensive Care Plan for each resident in a timely manner.
  21. Prepare and maintain progress notes as needed.
  22. Document psychosocial needs, interaction, and follow-up action(s) with resident and/or family.
  23. Assess, plan, and document resident discharge needs in accordance with facility discharge planning policy and regulatory requirements. Participate in the Utilization Review Planning with the interdisciplinary team.
  24. Participates in the Comprehensive Assessment and care planning process by the interdisciplinary team.
  25. Is a member of the Quality Assurance Committee and the Professional Policy Group.
  26. Act as a liaison with social, health, and community agencies.
  27. Refer residents to social, health, and community agencies and complete accurate documentation in resident records concerning the results of such referrals.
  28. Coordinate family and community resources as needed to solve financial needs and to promote emotional security.
  29. Explain residents’ rights to residents and residents’ representatives.
  30. Coordinate and cooperate with the activity department to plan and conduct events to meet socialization needs of the residents.
  31. Encourages the resident to participate in family, social, community and spiritual events when appropriate.
  32. Assist when necessary with arranging for appointments or transportation to other institutions, clinics, etc.
  33. Collaborates with the Veteran’s Administration Regional Office when appropriate.
  34. Participate in implantation of programs to improve resident care related to Quality Measures.
  35. Assume Quality Assurance duties as assigned.
  36. Report suspected or known incidents or fraud relative to false billings, cost reports, kickbacks, etc.
  37. Report all accidents/incidents to your supervisor no matter how minor they may be. Report such occurrences on the shift in which they occur.
  38. Observe all facility safety policies and procedures.
  39. Follow infection control procedures.
  40. Follow Resident Rights policies at all times.
  41. Report suspected resident abuse immediately to the Administrator.
  42. Keeps abreast of current legislation, trends, resources, facilities related to the social service field and updates departmental procedures accordingly. Advises and informs administration of all legislative changes and programs in the social service field.
  43. Participates in in-service education.
  44. Perform all duties assigned in an effective, timely, and professional manner.
  45. Performs other related duties as requested by the Administrator.